Sleep well, turn off the alarms. Blackout the windows. Get comfortable sleeping arrangements. For me this means getting my 3 year old to sleep on her own bed, then getting the pregnancy pillow set up on a nice softish accommodating bed. Get the temperature right and have heavy blankets to feel secure. Wake with a good morning routine. Eat well. In my case I have had pregnancy sickness well into my 2nd trimester so eating is a bit tricky for me sometimes. A good morning routine for me is : waking before my child, going to the toilet on my own, having something to eat without having someone sitting on me. Getting food ready for the little person in my life for when they wake. Napping is very important to my life right now. Being pregnant is tiring, not to mention I have a 3 year old at home in quarantine with me. Wear clean clothing and do laundry. I can probably go a few days in the same clothes but it is not a good idea for feeling healthy. Focus on what you can do instead of what you can’t do. For instance I can cook curry at home, I can’t eat with my husband. He is not in quarantine with us. Bedtime routine is important to getting everyone to sleep without having tantrums. Mommy tantrums are worse that 3 year old tantrums. For us bedtime looks like: evening meal, brushing teeth, bathing, dressing for sleep, reading stories with daddy, maybe a video from Netflix, then lights out, and some singing to sleep with a huggle. Hug/snuggle. This is how I kept sane today. Not trying to force the child to eat all the foods available. I trust she will eat when she is hungry. I also don’t feed her after we brush our teeth. Maybe water next to the bed table. Potty training is coming along. Not perfect yet but we had a dry night last night so we have a start. Limiting my expectations of the day has really helped me slow down and enjoy the time with my mom and daughter. Also keeping in contact with the spouse helps to keep to twice a day helps manage time too. Good wishes to you all in quarantine and self isolation let’s keep this virus from spreading anymore than it already has.