This is a long overdue update!!! In January 2019 our family of 3 decided to go on our last holiday before we became a family of 4. We book a trip to the Phillipines and set off on the Chinese New Year holiday for 2 weeks of relaxation in the south. As we set off the lady beside me mentioned that we might want to plan on being away for the next 3 months. She was a doctor and also going away for a holiday. One week into our holiday the flights back to China are cancelled. So we make plans to try staying in Asia so we can get back home when the flights open up again. We book a flight to Brunai and stay with a friend from a previous school. Then we stay for 2 weeks while we try to get back home to China. The flights do not open up to go back to China until MArch 2019 and then when they do open up, I am full on sick all the time due to pregnancy. I am not up for travel. I stay in Canada where we ended up staying with a friend for 3 weeks. Thank you for letting us stay for so long. Danny goes Back to China and has to sort out work for next year with the plan of us all being together in China for the birth of our second child. That did not happen. We were seperated for 16 months!!!!! We spoke everyday. Sometimes only briefly. Our Second child was born at 36 weeks 0 days, technically a premature baby. A almost 9lbs premature baby. It took way too long for his Birth Cetificate and Passport to be issued because of staffing restrictions regarding Covid and us being in a remote location so we could not go into the Passport office to speed up the application. Danny packed up what he could and we lost soooo much of the nesting that I was doing for getting ready to stay and live in China for the next 4 years at least. We never got to go back to China and I never got to see my home there again. Danny came to Canada. We stayed up North in my mother's town. Anyways... that is the Update for now. I will update next in October 2022.