My boy was born last month. I am just now getting to the point where I can try to write about the birthing of Freddie. This pregnancy was not easy for me. I had a few complications with being pregnant. Gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, cholestasis, and high blood pressure. I also was vomiting from week 7 of pregnancy until a couple days before inducing labour. When admitted to the hospital I was 35 weeks pregnant when my blood pressure and proteins in my urine and itchy skin made the doctors take notice that I needed to have medical observations and interventions. The last day I before my 36 week started I spent the day on the machine being monitored all day long. It was horrible having a non-stress test all day long. Then at 10 pm having Pitocin given to me to test the Freddie to see if he was strong enough to be birthed vaginally. He passed the test. I went to sleep in the birthing room and proceeded wake every two hours to empty my bladder. At 6 am I woke to have contractions every 5 minutes for half an hour before going to the shower for another half hour. I returned to the birthing bed and then at 7 am my water broke. When I say broke it gushed; it was like a water balloon that was attached to a hose pipe then the balloon burst with hose on full for what went on and on and on and on. Then one hour after my water breaking I pushed Freddie out. First his head then his shoulders and finally his belly and he was out on onto my belly. Then they promptly cut his cord and moved him to the blue light warming table to be resuscitated and then straight off to the NICU with a cpap baby mask to help him breath. The gave him an iv and tube down his throat. I got to be with him after I was stitched up. I cried while they stitched me up. It was horrible having my baby taken out of the room without me nor anybody in my family. I got to hold and breastfeed Freddie at 10 am. I only noticed he had some minor tongue tie after being pressured into giving him a bottle of formula to help his blood sugar level out. Having Freddie born one week before what is considered full term changed the way my baby was monitored and treated. He was the biggest premature baby in the NICU. Freddie was born 1/2 an oz shy of 9 lbs. Now after one month he weighs 10.5lbs and lost one lb in the first two weeks. So he lost one lb and then gained two and a half pounds. I asked to see the lactation consultant but was not seen before being discharged. I had to stay on meds for one month after release from the hospital and am now finally feeling a bit better. Bleeding has finally stopped too. I was and am not happy about my birthing with Freddie. My nausea made eating hospital food a horrible experience. I ended up ordering take away Chinese’s food to have for the week at the hospital. I am very glad for the care from all the staff at the hospital for me and my boy. I am glad to be home at my mom’s place recovering from birthing and being able to bond with my two children. Miranda loves to hug her baby brother. Having two children at home is very different than coming home with only one baby. Freddie is more comfortable sleeping on his own for a little bit than Miranda was. I think this has to do with being hooked up to machines and left on his own during the first two hours I was away in the beginning. I hated being apart from him for any length of time.